LIBER al vel CAPRUM – Book of the Goat

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000 Manifest NAUGHT!
00 Hide NAUGHT!
0 All rewards are naught!
1 Listen O Man and ye Woman
There is dire need to understand
this well
To know me
A pathway sure straight from HELL
2 Do not seek me
Instead, harmonize all things
Then, when diversity is no longer
Know ye have come a little,
to taste of me
3 Now the mystery continues
Who or what be the puppeteer
What force is it that pushes thy pen
It is I, SATAN,
and this be the holiest of lies
For in names as this,
it seems to miss
The truth of all,
we don’t exist
4 To call on me,
experience the nothing
In this way,
my name does serve as key
Know its use?
Do ye fool?
Knowledge, profuse?
Have ye the tool?
5 If this be so, then CALL ON ME
CALL, CALL, to eternity
And if thee fail?
Thus in truth, ye do mock me!
I will cast thee back to the well
of insanity
The agonizing pit,
the slime, christianity
6 Alas, no true worship of me,
have I known
No glory, nor praises,
to me has been shown
The enemy of thee, O people
Have placed their name upon my face
Adversary of Man,
to be damned, cursed, disgraced
7 Am I not in truth the beautiful image?
The light of life, the spark of knowledge,
Lucifer, angel of the morning star?
In truth, with both names am I complete
An angel true, with cloven feet
8 Enough of me, for I am no-thing
There is this Man
To write you this
Thus bring my word, the LAW OF BLISS
9 He invited me, to sing and dance
Laugh and drink, smoke his hash
I found in him, a way to pass
The secret of secrets, to you at last
10 To come to naught,
find thy lover
Dissolve as none, not one, nor other
In this, thy palace,
thou shall feel
that you are me,
and we’re not real
11 So dissolve you pairs!!!
Dissolve to none
This be the way, to me to come
For God and Goddess both are me
Experience & Lust,
12 Unite, Unite,
let all be utterly destroyed!!!
Union of opposites,
to be employed
13 Thus the vast universes of light,
collapse before my awesome might
They that work the law abide
Change is life & none have died!
14 Know life for all will never cease
Mass continuum, all prisoners released
Now fold, collapse, dissolve,
pure peace
What never was, can never cease
15 The time hath come,
Oh era of mirth
Love & rapture,
has returned to earth
So, shout it out throughout the land
The HE GOAT with breasts,
gave birth to a MAN